Athletic Booster Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2018 5:00pm

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Sharon at 5:00pm.

Roll Call of Officers:

Present were Sharon Jargo, Sherri Farrell, Kelli Parker, Melissa Reuter, Rennet Gruver, and Erick Broome and Derik Erwin.

Secretary Report:

The meeting minutes from last month were approved by Sharon and seconded by Rennet.

Treasurer Report:

Numbers were not available last meeting for approving February Balances, so tonight Sharon approved these balances and Kelli seconded.

Balances were discussed for March and were approved by Sharon and seconded by Kelli.

Old Business:

Erick gave an update on the progress being made with the baseball dugouts. The project estimate will be greater than $5,000, which means it needs School Board approval. Erick has discussed this project with the School Board and it will be up for approval at next school board meeting, on Monday April 9th. The estimate with cement, walls, roof and labor is $13,251. A recommendation of paying up to $15000 was made. Sherri approved and Sharon seconded.

Erick has been working hard on speaker systems for the football field. We have decided the option to go with was through DBAccoustics. They will put in 4 speakers, cords, audio and amplifiers and provide an operational training session to be able to use equipment properly. This option also came with a warranty and customer service will be close. The price for this will be $6,315.00. Sherri approved and Rennet seconded.

Baseball and Softball season is approaching soon. Concession stands are being filled with Baseball, Golf and Dance/Cheer teams. These groups will get a percentage or amount that will get deposited in their accounts. We are currently looking for help with set-up in the concession stand.

Pepsi has provided us some signs to be used for our concession stands. We have some up already in the High School. Jesse will be putting some more up in the Football Field and Baseball/Softball Fields.

New Business:

A transfer of $5,000 has been approved by Sharon and seconded by Melissa to the Co-Ed account from the general booster account.

Athletic Director:

Last month we discussed about finding the tents to be used by the track teams. These were found, but not in great shape. Erick was able to find out what was needed and ordered some parts for these.

The Basketball backboards that were ordered for the Miles gym have arrived. There will be some welding that needs to be done to install, so Keeney Welding will be in to address. Erick will report back.

Facilities Report:

No updates

Committee Updates:

No updates


Rennet discussed the future of the Golf-outing and if we should change the date. Coach Erwin was here and offered to help with the next one and said he will talk to the owner of golf course and see what dates are available. We will be looking for more volunteers to help with this big Booster fundraiser.

Erick and Derek presented with Baseball and Softball uniform funding requests. The Softball requests is for JV/Varsity uniforms. The uniforms will be top and bottoms and an order of 20. Funding request for these is for $1785.00 plus s/h. Boosters will pay 75% of order and the rest will come out their account. Sherri approved and Kelli seconded.

Derek, the Baseball coach is going to look over his funding requests and possibly add to it. We will make a decision via email once it’s provided.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:15pm by Sherri and seconded by Melissa. Our next meeting will be Monday, May 7, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the High School.