Athletic Booster Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2018

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Sharon at 6:33 pm.

Roll Call of Officers:

Present were Sharon Jargo, Sherri Farrell, Kelli Parker, Melissa Reuter, Rennet Gruver, Rhonda Hartung, Chad Gruver and Mr. Fee.

Secretary Report:

The meeting minutes from last month were approved by Sharon and seconded by Rennet.

Treasurer Report:

Treasurers report from December was clarified and approved by Kelli. Seconded by Melissa. Rennet brought a break down of the revenue from football, volleyball and some basketball. Very helpful to see the breakdown. We also went over this month’s report. Approved by Sharon and seconded by Sherri.

Old Business:

Baseball Dugsouts - Erick was out of town, but communicated via email to Sharon that he is working with Jamis Farrell on moving the baseball dugouts. He will also be meeting with a fencing guy soon to see if this part of the diamond needs to be reconfigured in order to get the new dugouts in. He will have a better report next month for us.

Basketball backboards – As previously mentioned in our meetings, two side basketball backboards in the Miles gym need replaced. Erick has received pricing for two regular backboards costing $1100 each and two fan-shaped backboards costing $1250 each. A few questions were brought up about which one would be the best visual option. We will ask Erick to get this information, and to submit a funding request for the next Booster meeting.

New Business:

The money from last years track CD will be put into the CD when it becomes due. Sharon thought dates were around February 3rd or 4th. Approximate amount being put into it will be $2300 and Sharon said she will get us a balance on CD once this was done.

A parent has questioned why our schools don’t have an ice machine. Erick has voiced that we only have used 2-3 ice bags that he has in his office this year. It was noted that people do go to concessions stands at times for ice, and the workers never knew we had them available. Discussion on if we did purchase one…… What school would we put it in since we have two

locations? How much would it cost and how much would it take to run? Would it be worth it? We tabled this topic for now until we can get Erick’s thoughts.

Athletic Director:

Erick reported to Sharon about the old football helmets. We have purchased new helmets, so old helmets were donated. Some of the helmets were donated to another high school for a project, and the rest of the helmets were provided to our community Fire/Ambulance service.

Uniform rotations were discussed. We did not have the correct rotation sheet and will be asking Erick for this. Questions arose on the frequency and the need of rotating so often. We tabled this for next month.

EV Little Girls Tournament: - A funding request was turned in from Chad Gruver for medals for the Athletic Boosters EV Little Girls Basketball Tournament for a total of $198.50. 1st and 2nd place medals will be given out. Sharon approved and Melissa seconded. It was also noted that since this is an Athletic Booster sponsored event, that the officials for this tournament will be paid for by the Athletic Boosters. Entry fees and gate fees will go towards the junior high girls and boys basketball programs.

Facilities Report:

No report.

Committee Updates:

Rhonda was here to discuss the cake auction. She states everything is right on schedule and about the same amount of cakes, if not more than they had last year. Thank you Rhonda for your continued dedication to our athletic programs, and for heading up one of our biggest fundraisers.

Chad discussed in a bit more detail the Little Girls Basketball Tournament. He gave an update and said that so far we have approximately 19 teams. There is potential for 30 teams to participate. Currently. 4th through 6th grade will play in Miles, and 7th through 8th grade will play in Preston. This may change and teams will be notified prior to the tournament. He also stated that he will need a lot of help to make this a successful event. Ticket takers, concession help, and volunteers to answer questions, will be needed. Parents of the EV teams participating in the tournament will be asked to help with all of this. We are hoping to schedule the parents during the time that their students aren’t playing if at all possible. Each team will provide their own scorekeepers. The athletic boosters also noted that no outside coolers/food may be brought in for this event as a full concession will be available for this fundraiser.

Athletic apparel was brought up and if the Boosters still sell apparel. Currently, the Boosters do have some apparel available on our website, but it was noted that a lot of the EV apparel is ordered through the different athletic programs, or directly from businesses. Some ideas were discussed, and we continue to look for ideas for this part of the program. Discussion was tabled for now.


A thank you card was sent from “Cards for Kids” for the donation provided by the Athletic Boosters.

The Athletic Boosters raise money through donations to help with the purchasing of many different things for our Athletics. We get many questions outside the meetings on what we do with the money, and others wonder why they should volunteer their time. We are brainstorming ideas on getting this information out to the public, via half sheets in your programs at sporting events or a news paper article. We want the public to know where the money that we have all worked so hard to raise and donate ourselves goes to.

Gate prices were brought up for basketball. It was a school board decision to increase to $5 for both adults and students. We did question if this was supposed to be just for football. Mr. Fee will be at a Superintendent meeting, and will discuss with other surrounding schools on what they are doing. Prices will remain the same for now.

Mr. Fee wanted to learn more about how and why the Athletic Boosters and Performing Arts Boosters split the basketball concessions, after the Athletic Boosters received some questions about this from parents. He met with both clubs to discuss this. Both clubs raise money through donations and fundraising, and both support Easton Valley students. After some discussion, it was decided that for now things will remain the way they are, until Mr. Fee has had a bit more time to talk to both clubs again. Currently, the Athletic Boosters has basketball concessions for junior high girls and boys, and HS girls and boys prior to December 31st. Performing Arts Boosters has basketball concessions for HS girls and boys after January 1st during the regular basketball season. Any additional post season games, which would be district games, get split between both clubs. Mr. Fee would like to remind both clubs that regardless of who raises the funds, that we are all committed to Every STudent, EVery Day, and that all funds raised are to be spent equally on every student that participates in our programs.

We would like to thank Farrell’s Inc. for their donation to our EV football and track programs. We would also like to thank our community Ambulance Services for their recent donation to our football program! Your continued support and dedication to our athletics is very much appreciated.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm by Sherri and seconded by Rennet. Our next meeting will be on a Monday, February 12th, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the High School.