EV News Article 3


What is happening as a result of the Easton Valley CSD facility planning process?


After months of engaging our community, reviewing resident feedback, and prioritizing school district needs I am excited to announce plans that will further improve the lives of the kids in our community. In response to the request by many great supporters of Easton Valley, our school board has identified June 27th, 2017 as the date of a special election to vote on a bond referendum to address the needs of our school facilities.

Over the past few months over one hundred Easton Valley residents attended facility planning meetings to develop a vision for the future. Their ideas were compiled into a survey that was sent out to all Easton Valley residents. After hundreds more of our stakeholders submitted their input, our school board carefully analyzed the feedback in order to respond to the aspirations of our residents and prioritize the needs of our schools.

Community feedback indicated that needs at our elementary needed to be our highest priority. Residents expressed their interest in improving the safety of our students and the quality of the learning environment. Our school board prioritized these needs by committing to plans to deconstruct the three story section of the building and rebuild a single story addition with full handicap accessibility along with a safe and secure entrance for all guests to the school. Work at the elementary will also include a separate and more safe parent pick up and drop off lane, which was a huge priority communicated by our families in the survey.

Throughout this process our school board has continued to express our commitment to working with our residents of Sabula to utilize district-owned land and best serve our students in the community. In our planning meetings our school board committed to taking action on plans to construct a shelter that would be partially protected from the elements to serve students waiting for the school bus. Board members expressed their belief that other students walking to the elementary or high school had a protected place to wait for the bus, so it was important to them that our kids in Sabula had a protected shelter as well. It was determined that our district would utilize other funds dedicated to facilities, rather than including it in the referendum, to allow us to take action on this prior to the 2017-2018 school year.

The second priority identified by our stakeholders involved addressing needs at our middle school and high school building. Money generated from a passed bond referendum will be put to great use at our secondary school building allowing us to resolve handicap accessibility issues and address needs in our science and agriculture classroom spaces.

As a result of the facility planning process we have been able to hear and respond to the voice of our community. We have crafted plans to align with the needs of our school district. We hope that this process will help us continue to unite all Easton Valley residents to best serve our young people and invest in the future of our community.