MS/HS 1:1 Resources & Other Information

MS/HS Parents & Students,

We were able to work out an agreement with Worth Ave Group to provide insurance for students taking Chromebooks home this year. This insurance agreement is completely optional for parents but does provide the following protection; Accidental Damage (Drops & Spills), Cracked Screen, Liquid Submersion, Fire, Flood & Natural Disaster, Power Surge by Lightning, Theft and Vandalism. The optional insurance cost is $42.50 per year per device. Once again, the insurance is completely optional for parents. We would recommend all families review the information and make the decision they feel is best for their family. Any questions regarding the insurance policy should be directed to Worth Ave Group 800-620-2885.

Also, we have put together a nice web resource for the Chromebooks. You can view this resource at the link below.

Easton Valley Chromebook Website

Have a great day!