Board Meeting Information

The Easton Valley Community School District’s Board of Education represents the residents of the District in its function as a policy-making body. Each of the seven members of the Board is a qualified District voter who is elected for a four year term. The Board of Education holds two types of meetings - regular and special. By law, both kinds of meetings must be public and must have agendas announced 24 hours prior to the meeting. Regular Board of Education meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of each month alternating at the Elementary in Miles and the High School in Preston. These meetings usually begin at 6:00 p.m. Special meetings are held to deal with matters which cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Requesting to Place an Item on the Agenda
Persons requesting to place an item on the agenda must make a request to the Superintendent prior to the drafting of the tentative agenda. The person making the request must state the person’s name, address, purpose of the presentation, action desired, and pertinent background information. Requests from the public may be added to the tentative agenda at the discretion of the superintendent after consultation with the board president. Requests received after the deadline may only be added to the agenda for good cause.