Athletic Booster Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2018 6:30 pm

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Sherri F. at 6:32pm.

Roll Call of Officers:

Present were Sherri Farrell, Jenny Rittmer, Melissa Reuter, Rennet Gruver, Shari Johnson, Pam Zeimet and Jodi Meyer.

Secretary Report:

The meeting minutes from last month were approved by Rennet and seconded by Jenny.

Treasurer Report:

There are a few accounts that Rennet is looking into, including switching money from Jr. High Basketball to Boys Basketball.

Volleyball and Football this year was down a bit at $6938.83. This could include the games that got cancelled due to weather and less home games played this year.

We want to note that Dick Keeney gave Corey Driscoll a hog that he had won at the Golf Outing, and in return he asked Corey to donate $150 to the Athletic Boosters.

The Sabula 5K brought in $850.00 this last summer.

We also noted that the Girls Volleyball team donated $1400.00 to the University of Iowa Hospitals from their account.

Report from November was approved by Melissa and Seconded by Jenny.

Old Business:

Fans in High School Gym will be installed during Christmas break.

New Business:

Coach Johnson sent in a Funding Request for new football uniforms for $6400 and 15 helmets for $5769.20. Discussions were had about if it was on the schedule for them to get new uniforms. It is their turn, although since our uniforms will be interchangeable, he was hoping these uniforms could last a lot longer. A new rotation schedule for uniforms is being discussed. Concussions are a serious problem with sports like football, so keeping our kids heads the safest we know how is of high priority. We will now have top level helmets for ALL players on our high school team regardless on grade or playing time. A motion was to vote for 75% of this purchase to be out of Boosters account and the remainder 25% will be out of the Football account. Sherri F. approved and Jenny seconded this motion.

Athletic Director:


Facilities Report:


Committee Updates:

Athletic Apparel can be bought at different times and is usually in a form of a fundraiser event for a sport. Apparel can be purchased at various times through Adcraft or anytime through Stoll Designs. Athletic Boosters receive 20% from apparel sales that are made from Stoll designs. Lynn Stoll deducts 20% off her invoices as a benefit to athletic boosters.

Cake Auction is coming up on Friday, January 25, 2019.

We have received an updated “Acting AD” schedule and will post this in the concession stand. This will be beneficial if you are needing someone in charge while working concession stands.




Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm by Jenny and 2nd by Melissa. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 7pm in the High School.