Frequently asked questions

What are my responsibilities as a parent/guardian in terms of replacement of the Chromebook if it is damaged, lost or stolen?

The Easton Valley Community School District will be responsible for the repair of the Chromebook for normal wear of the unit. If the Chromebook is intentionally damaged, stolen, or lost, the student/parent/guardian is responsible for the cost of repairing the applicable parts and/or replacing the unit (approximately $275). The District regards the Chromebook as all other materials that are checked out to a student ex: library materials, sports equipment, etc. We recommend that all families contact their insurance agent to determine if their policy provides coverage in the event that the unit needs to be replaced. In addition, if the Chromebook needs to be repaired, the student will receive a loaner device. The student must leave the loaner Chromebook in the office everyday after school until the repair bill is paid in full.

“Lost, damaged, or stolen Chromebooks in the care, custody, and control of a student may be covered by the homeowners’/renters’ policy of the parent/guardian. Most homeowner/renter policies will provide some limit of coverage for the “damage to the property of others” under the comprehensive personal liability coverage part of the policy and is not normally the subject to any deductible. Please consult your insurance agent for details about your homeowners’/renters’ coverage.”

Does my child have to accept a Chromebook?

A Chromebook will be checked out to each 7th - 12th grader for the remainder of the school year for use at school and to take home. If a parent/guardian does not want the child to take a Chromebook home, the parent may submit that request in writing to the office. In this case the student will need to check the Chromebook in and out of the HS/MS office each day.

3rd-6th grade students will be issued a Chromebook but will not have the option to take it home. 3rd-6th grade students will check Chromebooks in at the conclusion of each day and check them out in the morning. Chromebooks will be stored in each elementary students classroom.

as a parent/guardian, how do i monitor my child's use of the internet?

While your child is using the EVCSD network, there is a web filter and firewall in place, however no filter is perfect. When your child uses another network, the Chromebook is not guaranteed to be filtered. Be proactive in monitoring what your child is looking at. Check out THIS website to get some more information.

Parents' Guide to

Safe and Responsible Student Internet Use

The Easton Valley Community School District recognizes that with new technologies come new challenges to both teachers and parents. Below is a series of suggestions drawn from a wide variety of professional sources that may aid you, the parent, in effectively guiding your child’s use of the Chromebook.

1. Take extra steps to protect your child. Encourage your child to use and store the Chromebook in an open area of your home, such as the kitchen or family room, so you can monitor what your child is doing online. Use the Internet with your child to help develop safe surfing habits. Children often model adult behavior.

2. Go where your child goes online. Monitor the places that your child visits. Let your child know that you're there, and help teach her/him how to act as s/he works and socializes online.

3. Review your child’s friends list. You may want to limit your child’s online “friends” to people your child actually knows and is working with in real life.

4. Understand sites' privacy policies. Internet sites should spell out your rights to review and delete your child’s information.

5. Limit the time your student is on the Chromebook. While the Chromebook is a very engaging device, it is a school work device. Care and constant monitoring will reduce your child’s exposure to excessive use.

6. Report unwelcome or malicious online threats. Report in a timely fashion to the school any online interactions that can be considered threatening.

7. Help your child develop a routine. Many parents have found success by helping create a routine for their child’s computer use. Define a routine as to how the Chromebook is cared for and when and where its use is appropriate.

8. Take a look at the apps or programs. It is to the advantage of the students, parents, and school that the parents have a working understanding of the programs and student work found on the Chromebook.

9. Read and share with your child the EVCSD One-to-One Technology, Chromebook Procedures and Information Handbook. By reading and discussing the care and use policies, you can create a clear set of expectations and limitations for your child.

General Tips for Parents for Internet Safety:

  • Talk with your child about online behavior, safety, and security early on and continually. Set rules for the internet just as you do on use of all media sources such as television, phones, movies, and music.
  • Monitor your child’s computer use. Know their passwords, profiles, and blogs. When the Chromebooks are taken home by the student, it is strongly recommended that it will always be used in a common family location.
  • Let children show you what they can do online and visit their favorite sites.
  • Set limits and clear expectations for computer use.
  • Look into safeguarding programs or options your online service provider may offer; these may include filtering capabilities. 

What if we don’t have wifi at home?

A Chromebook’s use is maximized with wifi, but an internet connection is not a necessity. In a recent survey, the vast majority of families indicated that they have internet capability at home. If a family does not have wifi, a student may use the Chromebook at school, at the public library, at local businesses with wifi capabilities, or wherever wifi is available.

Can students buy their own cover/bag?

No, the district has provided a bag and it should be the only bag used with the Chromebook. Using a separate bag other than the district issued bag can be considered neglect by the student.

what if a student forgets to charge their chromebook?

There will be limited power outlets in the classrooms. Students who consistently come to class unprepared without a charge will be dealt with an an individual basis. Consequences will be determined by district administration and could result in a detention or further discipline for repeat offenses.

Will students keep the Chromebook for the summer?

Chromebooks and all EVCSD accessories will be returned during the final week of school so they can be checked for any service needs and prepared for use the following year. A Chromebook may be made available for students taking summer school classes that require use of the Chromebook.