Co-Chairs: Jen Miller, Amber Matthiesen

Treasurer: Jen Bormann

Secretary: Jennifer Weber



"The mission of PAC4KIDS is to improve and enrich the educational, social and individual experiences of Easton Valley Elementary School's students, parents, teachers, and staff by utilizing the group's resources and serving as a positive link between school and the communities"

PAC 4 Kids’ goal is to provide financial resources for our elementary school. They have provided the students at the elementary level with the following: transportation and admission fees for field trips, in-school assemblies, and presentations such as The Putnam, needed classroom supplies, supplies for the Wellness Walk, achievement rewards, an interactive board, and so much more. This year we have sent home membership forms (free for anyone to join), started compiling our cookbook (anyone is welcome to submit recipes), made new flower pots for new teachers along with repainting the old ones, and finally taking orders for new Easton Valley lanyards in the elementary. As you can see, we are off to a busy start.