Pac 4 Kids Year in Review

PAC 4 Kids was off to a busy start this year. In the fall, we ordered lanyards to sell at the request of elementary teachers. Both principals graciously offered the lanyards to their staff members and the rest were sold to students, parents, and Easton Valley fans. We do have a few left if someone is still wanting one. We also assembled a cookbook with recipes submitted by elementary students and staff. The cookbooks include classroom photos and staff photos throughout the book. Thanks to the committee who put the book together. It was a huge undertaking and it turned out awesome! The books are still for sale in both the elementary and high school offices and in a few businesses in Preston and Miles. Make sure to get your copy before they are gone. Both fundraisers have raised over $600 and we still have several books yet to sell.

PAC 4 Kids had their annual basket raffle at the Preston Christmas Walk. Students were asked to donate items to their theme basket for their classroom. This year we also had a quilt donated by Chris Yana. The winner was drawn the night of the Elementary Christmas concert. Sheila Goddard was the lucky winner. We were just shy of $1400 raised from the two raffles. Thanks to the community for supporting PAC for Kids!

Field trips funded this fall included the 2nd-grade field to the Galvin Fine Arts Center to watch Junie B. Jones, Jingle Bells Batman Smells and to explore the Putnam Museum in Bettendorf. Pac 4 Kids also purchased cd players for the first-grade classroom for the students to use with their audio books. We will be funding many more field trips this spring and planning more events for the students to enhance their learning at Easton Valley Elementary.