Join Us To Learn About How Electric School Buses Will Positively Impact Easton Valley

In November 2022, the Easton Valley Community School District was awarded EPA grant funding in the amount of $1.185 million to fully fund the purchase of three electric school buses and the required charging infrastructure.

We are extremely excited about how this grant funding will positively impact our students in our schools. Purchasing these electric buses with grant funding is going to offset over $400,000 in costs that we would otherwise incur purchasing diesel buses in the next few years. This will allow our district to reinvest nearly a half million dollars into facility and technology needs for our students. In addition to that, we expect to realize substantial yearly savings in our general fund as a result of reduced maintenance and lower energy costs. In fact, we estimate that these savings will nearly cover the yearly cost of a beginning teacher’s salary.

In order to highlight additional benefits of moving forward with the electric buses we would like to invite any members of our community into our school for a brief presentation and Q&A session. The meeting will be held in the Easton Valley JH/HS Commons on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

Please consider joining several school district representatives along with a representative from an electric bus company to learn about how we can be a leader in innovation and implement new cost effective solutions that will positively impact our students.