Easton Valley Students and Families,

As the 23-24 school year continues to sneak up on us we wanted to keep you informed about new and exciting opportunities our students can look forward to. Last year we began a new partnership with Bellevue-Marquette Catholic Schools. Marquette was able to send students to Easton Valley for classes they were not offering in their school. Several Easton Valley students also joined the Marquette softball team when we did not have the numbers to host our own program.

Starting this year, we have expanded our partnership by opening up opportunities for Easton Valley students to take advantage of classes at Marquette if they are not offered in Easton Valley. We want to thank the Marquette school board, administration, and staff for helping make new opportunities like this available for our students. By working together we are both better positioned to meet the needs of all of our students. Our students and teachers have thoroughly enjoyed having Marquette students to interact with and learn alongside. We are eager to continue to grow the partnership we have established. 

To see a list and description of the new class offerings CLICK THIS LINK HERE. If you are interested in learning more details please contact our JH/HS guidance counselor, Mrs. Wood, by emailing her at careyanne.wood@eastonvalleycsd.com.

We look forward to seeing all our students and families soon!