The  Legendary Secretary

Title: The Legendary Secretary

Article & Photo by: Emma Beck, Junior

September 18th, 2023

Pam Koch is going on her twelfth year of being a secretary in the Elementary. Before Easton Valley was formed, Pam was the secretary the last two years of East Central, but she and East Central went way back. In 1992 she started as a special education aid and later got promoted to a Computer Lab Director, which then led to being the Tech Director. Now she is the one that gives your kids bus passes, buzzes them through the door, and so much more. 

Outside of the office, Mrs. Koch likes to do a variety of things. She enjoys reading, watching television, and relaxing. When she isn’t doing anything of that sort, you will probably find her with her grandbabies or her husband. She also thoroughly enjoys vacation, so when you go and pick your kids up from school maybe give her a plane ticket. She also mentioned she loves seafood so a plane ticket to the east coast might be the best option. 

Pam says that her favorite part about her job is the kids. She even takes the time to memorize all of their names. She mentioned wanting to be a flight attendant when she was growing up, but unfortunately chose a job closer to the ground.