Homecoming Week Shenanigans

Title: Homecoming Week Shenanigans

Article by: Jace Wright, Senior

Homecoming week is a week full of different games, events, and hallway decorations. Each class gets to decorate their hallways to the theme of the student council’s choosing. They also each dress up according to the dress-up days for each day of the week. On Wednesday night, the school holds different games like volleyball and powder puff, as well as the bonfire. Friday night consists of the homecoming football game, arguably one of the most important games of the season. Lastly, the week ends with the Saturday night homecoming dance.

The dress-up days are a must-do for any high school student. It's a day to be goofy and an excuse to dress in something other than casual clothing. This week's dress-up days are Pajama Day, Rhyme with no Reason, Class Colors, Frat/Sorority, and School Spirit. Pajama Day consisted of onesies and pj pants, while Rhyme with no Reason was a bit more chaotic. Class Colors and Frat/Sorority are a bit more timid and School Spirit will be seeing a lot more orange and gray. 

Each year, the different classes compete to see whose hallway will be decorated the most. This year’s theme is Greek Getaway, so expect pillars, Greek letters and symbols, and lots of white. Last year, the seniors took home the win, and are expected to win it again this year too. On top of the hallways, each class makes a different board celebrating and hyping up the homecoming game, placing them in various towns around Preston.

Wednesday night consisted of volleyball, powder puff, tug of war, and the bonfire. The junior girls won in the volleyball tournament, the seniors in powder puff, and again in tug of war, crowning them the victors of the night. The events concluded with the bonfire, where each class groups off and does different cheers, such as EV Beat, Marching, Everybody Knows, and Victory.

Friday’s festivities ended with the crowning of Hudson Underwood and Maria Kilburg as king and queen. The parade was led by our cheer team and the parade marshalls, Marsha Skoff and Laurie Franzen.