Staff Spotlight:  Beth Sterk

Mrs. Sterk

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Sterk

By: Addison Messerich & Meritt Rathje

Mrs. Sterk is a first-grade teacher at the elementary school in Miles. She first started teaching at the Preston Elementary School before it became Easton Valley. Mrs. Sterk has been teaching for 37 years. Growing up, she attended East Central, and after she graduated, she was willing to teach anywhere. She sent applications across Iowa to become a teacher. Preston Elementary School was the first school she got interviewed at, and she got the job. Preston was known to be East Central’s rival school, so after she graduated, she was a little nervous when she started teaching there.

Mrs. Sterk loves working with kids and seeing the progress they make. Her two favorite subjects to teach are reading and math because she likes to make learning fun by adding in games. She enjoys having an interactive classroom with kids who are happy and eager to learn. She creates a fun environment where everyone gets along and trusts one another. Students need to connect with their classmates and teachers. 

Outside of school, she enjoys reading, and spending time with her kids and grand pups. Some of her hobbies include crafting and riding her bike. For anyone who doesn’t know Mrs. Sterk, she has the biggest heart and treats students like her own. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. Mrs. Sterk is known to leave an impact on her students and peers and is constantly cheering on all of her students that she has taught over the years.