Staff Spotlight:  Jason Fry

Staff Spotlight: Mr. Fry

By: Jordyn Kinney, Hailey Sullivan, & Brandon Harding

Mr. Fry teaches junior high and high school math and has been teaching for seven years, all at Easton Valley. As a graduate of UNI, he chose to teach at Easton Valley because it seemed like a good opportunity. When he was in high school, he did mentoring and it made him want to teach either elementary or high school. His favorite class to teach is 8th-grade math because it’s his favorite content to teach. 

When he’s not in the classroom, you can find Mr. Fry in a variety of coaching roles, including the assistant high school football coach, assistant high school girls’ basketball coach, and the head coach for boys' track and field. He got into coaching because he loves sports and enjoys helping athletes find their potential in whatever sports they play.

Outside of school, Mr. Fry enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his wife and kids.