On Friday, March 8th, 2024, 4-6th grade LEAP students performed a play titled The Forgotten Toys. These students have been working on this show every Monday since the beginning of the second semester under the direction of Heather Houzenga, Shy Bowling, and Masen Tubbs. The Forgotten Toys is a Toy Story-type play about a group of toys coming to life and realizing their owner is missing. They go on an adventure to try and find her and along the way, they realize how important friendship and teamwork are. Between all the snow days and students leaving early, these students have put in countless hours of work to put on this show for their underclassmen. 


Narrator/Rat - Karadyn Wright

Polly - Izzy Lawson

Victoria - Emery Smith

Teddy - Savana Dhooge

Gummers - Cameron Roling

Soldier - Aaron Ennis 

Soldier Understudy/Xylophone: Teegan Springer

Cat - Addison Budde