Muscatine HS will be hosting 2 Regional finals on Oct. 27th. 

6pm: Class 1A Regional Final -  Burlington Notre Dame vs Easton Valley
8pm: Class 2A Regional Final -   Wilton vs Mediapolis

Team Benches: Left and Right is based on sitting at the Score Table, not facing the score table 

- Class 1A Top of the Bracket: Burlington Notre Dame;  Far end (to the Right of the score table)
- Class 1A Bottom of the Bracket:  Easton Valley; Near end (to the Left of the score table)

Fan Parking and Bldg Entrances
- Fans should park in the parking lot on the North Side of MHS. 
- Fans can access this parking lot by entering the campus via Bonnie Drive or by entering the campus off of Cedar Street. If someone enters the campus off of Cedar Street, they will drive past the front of the HS and continue until they enter the parking lot. 
- Fans will enter the bldg through Gym/Pool Entrance #1. That entrance is next to Carver Pool 
Fans may also park in the Cedar Street parking lot. That is the parking lot on top of the hill next to Cedar Street. If fans park in the Cedar Street parking lot, they will walk from the Cedar Street lot to Gym/Pool Entrance #2. 

Tickets and Admission:
- Admission is $6 and Tickets must be purchased online using Varsity Bound.  Tickets are good for both games if fans would like to watch more than 1 game. 
- Please share this link with Fans. 
  Class 1A Regional Final:

  - Fans will need to sign in to Varsity Bound to purchase tickets. 

Spectator Seating
Class 1A
Burlington Notre Dame, Girls Locker Room side of the gym (this side as the larger bottom section); fans may sit on the lower and upper bleachers
Easton Valley, Boys Locker Room side of the gym (this side has the smaller bottom section); fans may sit on the lower and upper bleachers

Student Sections: 

Class 1A: Burlington Notre Dame; Notre Dame Bleacher side; across from the Notre Dame team
Class 1A: Easton Valley: Easton Valley side; behind the Easton Valley bench

Students ARE NOT permitted to sit behind the opposing team. 
Spectators MAY NOT sit in the front row of the bleachers in the lower bleacher sections. 

Concessions will be available. 

IMPORTANT information for the Class 1A Regional Champion:
- Because MHS is also hosting the Class 2A Regional Championship after the Class 1A game, they are asking the Class 1A teams to clear the floor relatively quickly after the game ends. 
- They will present the Class 1A banner and materials, but they will clear the floor shortly after the presentation. 
- Class 1A Regional Champions may gather in the open area by the MHS Commons and the Science Wing Learning stairs for pictures after you leave the gym. (This is the area near the Concession Stand) 

NOTE:  This game will not be televised by Miles Telephone Company.